Innovation and Development for Classrooms in the 21st Century
The 1st International Conference on Education
February 1st-3rd, 2020

Plenary Speakers : David Treagust


Prof. David Treagust supervises research students on topics related to understanding students’ ideas about science concepts and how these ideas relate to conceptual change and multiple representations, the design of science curricula and teachers’ classroom practices.

David Treagust is John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. He holds a PhD and a MS from the University of Iowa, USA, BSc from the University of Western Australia and Certificate of Education from the University of Birmingham, England. He taught high school science and chemistry for 10 years. He is widely published in the major journals and books of science and chemical education research. Treagust is the co-editor with John Gilbert of Multiple representations in chemical education, with Chi-Yan Tsui of Multiple representations in biological education and with Reinders Duit and Hans Fischer of Multiple representations in physics education. He is an editor of the International Journal of Science Education (Taylor & Francis), Senior Editor of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (Springer) and Chair of the editorial board of Chemistry Education Research and Practice.