Innovation and Development for Classrooms in the 21st Century
The 1st International Conference on Education
February 1st-3rd, 2020

Plenary Speakers : Ming Ming CHIU


Ming Ming CHIU is Chair Professor of Analytics and Diversity (Honor) and Director of the Assessment Research Center at The Education University of Hong Kong. A graduate of Columbia (BS, computer science), Harvard (EdM, interactive technology) and UC-Berkeley (PhD, education), he advises Qatar’s Ministry of Education and China’s Ministry of Education’s National Evaluation of Primary and Secondary Schools. He invented (a) statistical discourse analysis to model online and face-to-face conversations (best 50 learning science ideas –International Society of the Learning Sciences), (b) multilevel diffusion analysis to detect corruption in the music industry and how ideas/behaviors spread through populations, (c) artificial intelligence Statistician, and (d) online detection of sexual predators. His 40 grants (US$9.4 million) yielded 205 publications (118 journal articles; 6,000+ citations), 10 keynote speeches, 3 television broadcasts, 17 radio broadcasts, and 152 news articles in 21 countries. He studies automatic statistical analyses, inequalities, culture, and learning in 65 countries.