Innovation and Development for Classrooms in the 21st Century
The 1st International Conference on Education
February 1st-3rd, 2020

1. Rationale

Research is one of the academic missions of higher educational institutions. It is at the heart of developing a body of knowledge that can be applied and integrated with other missions such as teaching, learning management and academic services. In general educational institutions, focus is on the importance of conducting research along with teaching and learning management. Research also serves as a critical indicator of the quality of the instructors of an institution.

Udon Thani Rajabhat University (UDRU) is a higher education institution dedicated to the development of the local communities of Udon Thani. Its main mission is to produce graduates with a sense of community. The University offers professional education with high academic standards. It produces graduates who can generate knowledge from research and innovate to develop local communities. Research is one of the most important factors to help the rapidly developing economy of Thailand. Supporting domestic and international research is essential for learning and teaching as well as for creating new knowledge, expanding innovation, and promoting the development of the country. The University acts to serve the community as it provides educators opportunities to present their research/innovation to build an academic atmosphere that supports the development of local communities and the nation.

To accomplish the missions of UDRU, the 1st International Conference on Education, “Innovation and Development for Classrooms in the 21st Century” (ICE2020) will be held. This conference will be a platform for organizations, researchers, scholars, and all those interested from Thailand and around the world.

The conference will be open to researchers and all those who interested in participating in academic seminars, expressing opinions on research development, innovation and disseminating research and sharing their experience in conducting research with others.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the 1st International Conference on Education, “Innovation and Development for Classrooms in the 21st Century” (ICE2020) are:

1. to provide an environment for professionals, researchers, students and innovators to discuss the current state-of-the-art in education motivate and enable university teachers to realize the importance of doing research and presenting their results bring professionals, researchers, students, innovators and other groups interested in education together to present their work on teaching and learning development in education, and, promote and to build academic networks with other educational institutions in Thailand and around the world

3. Design and Activities

In this conference, the activities include:
1. Keynote Addresses
2. Oral Presentations
3. Poster Presentations
4. Workshops

4. Scope

The scope of the conference will cover, but not be limited to:
Track 1: Curriculum and Instruction
1) Curriculum and Instruction
2) Primary Education
3) Secondary Education
4) Higher Education
5) Literacy, Language and Linguistics
6) Science and Technology Education
7) Health & Sports Education
8) Inclusive and Special Education
9) Curriculum and Pedagogy
10) Vocational Education
11) Assessment and Evaluation
12) Arts & Design Education
13) Related topics

Track 2: Educational Administration
1) Educational Administration
2) School Leadership 3) Educational Policy and Leadership
4) Work-based Education
5) School-based Administration
6) Collaborative Culture 7) Business, Administration and Management in Education
8) Related topics

Track 3: Teacher Professional Development
1) Teacher Professional Development
2) Developing a Professional Learning Community
3) Competency-Based Education
4) Instructional Strategies
5) Self-reflective Teachers
6) Related topics

Track 4: Educational Innovation
1) E-Learning
2) ICT and Technology in Education
3) Cloud Computing for Education
4) Social Media in Education
5) Learning Online
6) Related topics

5. Expected Outcomes

1. Professionals, researchers, students and innovators will disseminate their academic work.
2. The quality of research/innovation of faculty members and graduates of UDRU will have further developed.
3. A new generation of researchers/innovators and research students will have been strengthened within the university and among other educational institutions.
4. Participants will have had the opportunity to contribute in exchanging their ideas in research/innovation/development among those from other educational institutions.

6. Target Audiences

1. 200 teachers and students of Udon Thani Rajabhat University
2. 100 teachers and students from other domestic educational institutions
3. 50 teachers and students from foreign educational institutions The total is approximately 350 participants.

7. Conference Success Indicators

1. At least 350 participants in attendance
2. At least 80% participation satisfaction
3. At least 200 oral presentations and poster presentations made during the conference

8. Project Responsibility

1. The Faculty of the Graduate School, Udon Thani Rajabhat University
2. The Institute of Research and Development, Udon Thani Rajabhat University

9. Date and Venue

The ICE2020 Conference will be held on February 1st - 3rd , 2020 at Udon Thani Rajabhat University.

10. Processes of the Conference

1. Planning (Plan)
 1.1 Approval of the International Conference Project
 1.2 Establishment of the steering committee for the ICE2020
 1.3 Meetings of the steering committee, for the preparation of ICE2020; planning project, issuing topics, setting up dates, times for meetings, identifying responsibilities of each section.

2. Preparation for the Conference (Do)
 2.1 Announce the Conference
 2.2 Call for papers
 2.3 Prepare venue, conference documents and equipment
 2.4 Maintain the project timeline
  2.4.1 Keynote Addresses
  2.4.2 Peer review
  2.4.3 Academic conference
  2.4.4 Oral research presentations
  2.4.5 Poster research presentations

2.5 Presentation
 2.5.1 Oral presentation
 2.5.2 Poster presentation

3. Closing the Conference and Assessment (Check)

11.Project Plan

Presentation forms

- Oral presentation (30 minutes)
- Poster presentation (W * H = 80 * 120 cm. Poster)

Paper submission due date

December 25th , 2019
- Abstracts (250 words including title) and Bio data (50 words)
- Full Papers (8 pages, including all references, notes, and appendices)

Please check format guidelines and application form at Here
and submit your paper Here

Contact person

Please send your paper to Subchat Untachai
Udon Thani Rajabhat University,
64 Thaharn Road, Muaeng District, Udon Thani 41000, THAILAND

Mobile: + 66-88 572 8261

Conference venue

The conference will be held at Language Center and Computer Center Building,
Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Udon Thani, Thailand.